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Between The Tides

I came from overseas and the luggage I brought with me was weighted with memories and stories.

I love where I now live; the landscape is ancient and evocative and has been trod gently upon for at least 65,000 years, memories and stories are ever present.



As I walk in this landscape, my own past is very much with me. Even though everything is so different here, the trees, the animals and the birds, it still feels like home.  

My other home, in the UK was where my Grandmother told family stories to me, I was a fidgety child who listened to them begrudgingly, but they stuck to my bones and shaped me as an adult.

It felt natural to combine these two parts of my experience and my goal was that these photomontages would pay homage to stories that give presence and substance again to people long gone, only known from stories and old black and white photographs and to add my own chapter of the story as someone, whose good fortune has led them to this amazing place.

In the Montages that make up “Between the Tides” The animals and birds I love to photograph became observers, treasures and also guardians, the children depicted are at the beginning of their journeys and they are challenged, awestruck, strong and protected, which is pretty much how I felt as a child.


It has been incredibly rewarding creating these images. Photoshop is a great tool, but the really exciting moment was when I saw them outside of my computer for the first time, printed tonally and texturally in a manner so reminiscent of the original family portraits at the bottom of the wardrobe.